Who We Are

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The Advantage

One of the significant distinguishing factors between Infomaxium and other companies is our strength in rigorous project management, coupled with our approaching data integration and system integration initiatives from a 'management perspective'. Our experience in senior positions within the management consulting companies has allowed us to be able to deal equally comfortably at the CEO and CIO levels as with development staff.

Coupled with a strong delivery capability with seasoned professionals, we have consistently exceeded our client's expectations resulting in our building very long lasting relationships with our clients.

All of our clients, where we have managed projects, have retained us for project after project.

Another distinguishing factor is our open and collaborative style. We strongly urge our clients to place their staff in key roles to gain knowledge and be self sufficient. We provide extensive documentation and have smooth transitions at the end of projects.

We strongly believe, and ensure that all of our resources agree, that our clients must be completely satisfied with our services and the end result of the initiatives that are undertaken on behalf of our clients. This is accomplished through the following:

Our Competitive Advantage

Core Values - Trust & Win-Win

All of our resources are guided by core values that build relationships based on trust and on a win-win basis:

Ability to Execute

Regardless of the size and complexity of a project, our approach and frameworks allow us to deliver value to clients in regular iterations. We have a strong demonstrated ability to execute:

Deep Technical Skills

Our strong management is complemented by deep technical skills in leading technologies, including the following:

This is not an exhaustive list as we are adding new technologies, experiences, and experts to our portfolio.