Project & Program Management

Infomaxium has extensive experience in successfully delivering projects of all sizes in different industries and using diverse technologies. We can provide resources at the team lead, project manager, and project director levels. We have partnerships with several vendors to augment their project management resources.

Our consultants have written extensively about project management and have published three books in this area. We are also involved in the Project Management Institute, as well as other management groups. Most of our Project Managers hold a PMP designation from the Institute.

Infomaxium has also been involved in Program Management, and especially Project Management Offices (PMO) and Project Offices. We are effective in both the advisory PMO and the managing PMO which takes a much deeper role in setting project priorities and deliverables.

Project Rescue

Even the best managed projects get into trouble and risk mitigation strategies are not always successful. Some problems just creep up on a project and make successful delivery unlikely. Intervening immediately is important to drive a turn around and still achieve the project’s original objectives. We have developed and proven methodologies and frameworks that can salvage troubled projects and make them successful. Our Project Rescue toolkit provides the following key materials:

  • Is your project in trouble? A detailed checklist to identify if a project is heading towards trouble and ultimately disaster.

  • What’s wrong with your project? A comprehensive process for diagnosing symptoms and understanding the key reasons for the impending project failure. The output is a detailed set of problems and suggestions for dealing with them.

  • How can we salvage the project and recover business value? A comprehensive framework that can be customized using specific deliverable and activities to build a recovery approach and a detailed recovery plan.

  • How can we manage the project recovery initiative? Step by step approach for executing the recovery project plan, monitoring and controlling it.

  • How can we learn from our mistakes? Step by step approach for incorporating lessons learned into the updated project plan and into other initiatives.

Data Integration

We are experienced in integrating systems and data sources using a broad range of technologies. Our experienced and proven approach wraps solid project management and quality assurance principles around an integrated set of infrastructure technologies as shown in the link.

We have successfully completed large integration projects using tools such as the IBM Data Integration Suite, BEA Weblogic, and other Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions. Loosely coupled software services offer advantages in performance, scalability, interoperability and security in select business cases. Other SOA guiding principles include reuse, encapsulation, service abstraction, and statelessness.

Data Warehousing

Infomaxium has several senior practitioners that have managed large data warehousing practices for major consulting organizations. We have also delivered some of the largest data warehouses for some of our Fortune 500 clients. Our technology and modeling skills are deep and broad. We have also developed several data warehousing artifacts, such as a Data Profiling Methodology and a Data Cleansing Methodology that have provided return-on-investment business cases.

  • Data Management Framework

  • Data Profiling Methodology

  • Data Cleansing Methodology

We offer training courses “Mastering Data Warehousing Concepts” and “Fast Track DataStage Essentials”.

Data Mining

Data mining involves finding facts, knowledge, and patterns in a source of data. We have demonstrated the principle that a data warehouse can pay for itself by finding the right information in response to a small set of queries (e.g. one or two). For one of our clients, we were able to find over $3 million of actual revenue through a one month engagement. Let us talk to you about exploring similar possibilities.

End to End Testing & QA

We believe that Quality Assurance is a thread that stretches throughout the project lifecycle. We also believe that test planning should start with project planning.

We can rapidly deploy testing resources to act as a testing department for clients, or to augment existing testing resources. One recent project engagement involved us deploying a team of a dozen testers and then implementing a system with less than 6 bugs into production (all were non-critical). The client CIO has identified our engagement as a standard for other projects to follow.

Business Intelligence

In addition to our data mining experience, Infomaxium has worked with other Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. These include: Using Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to validate business cases and functions, score-carding, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Knowledge Management.

We have assisted our clients from strategy, modeling, to implementation.

General Consulting

We also support general consulting anywhere in the project lifecycle. This includes threads that stretch from planning through to deployment and maintenance, such as risk management, change management, business analysis, and deployment planning.

We can help with assessing current business or technology processes, feasibility studies, impartial advice, business cases, human resources, recruitment, and strategy.


We can lead or augment architecture/design designs in the J2EE and/or .NET environments. We have been involved in the logical phases through to the physical phases in both of these areas. We have also been called in to review existing architectures and also to troubleshoot.

Offshore and Near Shore Development

Offshore and Near Shore development can be used to augment existing project teams or to assume responsibility of a scoped piece of work. Our approach helps you build a business case and then offshore an appropriate amount of work to partner facilities in India to meet your project needs. Our framework integrates with your existing methodology to identify key points of contact, testing, and overall quality assurance.

Resource Augmentation

We can provide resources to augment your projects anywhere in the project lifecycle. We have a proven selection, matching, and QA process that is applied to every resource placed on an assignment. Some of the recent roles we have filled include the following:

  • Project Managers

  • Project Leaders

  • Data Modelers

  • Data Architects

  • Technical Architects

  • Application Architects

  • Designers

  • ETL Developers

  • Testers

  • J2EE Developers

  • .NET Developers

  • Business Analysts

  • Management Consultants

  • Technical Writers

We work at all organization levels, including ‘C’ level. We can also provide interim Directors, Vice Presidents, and Executives.